The Blue Circle – A good start on your way to our guesthouse

EyrarbakkiThe Blue Circle is a route from Keflavik through Grindavik, Selvogur, Thorlakshofn, Eyrarbakki, Stokkseyri, and Selfoss. We recommend you to drive this tour on you way to Lambastadir Guesthouse when arriving to Iceland if you have rented a car from Keflavik airport. If you are choosing this idea you begin by driving to Grindavik, a small fishing town at the south-western coast of Iceland. There you can visit Magma,which is the House of culture and natural resources. There are two exhibitions, the Salt fish museum and the Earth Energy exhibition. From Grindavik you drive the road trough Selvogur which is a small community east of farm Herdisarvik in the Olfus County. This area is sparsely vegetated. In the early days, fishing were conducted and during winter were difficult and dangerous because of the rugged coastline. The community church Strandarkirkja as well as a lighthouse are on Cove Engilsvik. After driving trough Selvogur you should arrive to the small village Thorlakshofn. The town name is named after Thorlakur Helga who was bishop at Skalholt. It´s main importance is as a port as it has the only viable harbour on Iceland’s southern coastline between Grindavik in the west and Hofn in the east. From there you drive to Eyrabakki which is a fishing town with a population of about 570 people. From Eyrabakki you can drive to Stokkseyri, only 5 km distance, another small fishing town. There you can visit the The Ghost Center in Stokkseyri. The Ghost Center is a museum

that features all of Iceland’s most famous ghosts. Upon entry, guests are provided with a CD player to guide them through the 24 ghost stories (all told, the tour takes approximately 40 minutes). Guests walk through the ghost-maze, where they will experience the stories in the environment where the spooky tales actually happened. When having had enough of ghosts you should drive to Selfoss which we can say is the capital of South Iceland with population of 6500 people.  Now you are only 8 km away from Lambastadir Guesthouse and if you feel like just passing through and driving straight on, just do so, you can always drive back if you feel like doing so. We will be waiting for you and at our guesthouse you can relax in the hot tub, look at our animals or just go for a short walk. You should be aware that you can also drive this tour the opposite direction when leaving Iceland.

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